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Custom Peptides

There are 3 ways to process your Custom Peptide Request.

  • Process 1.

    For individual custom peptides

  • Process 2.

    For bulk orders over 50 peptides, unnatural amino acids, long peptides, modifications, cyclization and special pricing

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Process 2. Contact Us

Mimotopes has over 20 years experience in the synthesis of chemically modified and non-standard peptides. We are experts in:

  • biotinylation
  • phosphorylation
  • peptide cyclization
  • fluorescent labels
  • long peptides over 50 amino acids
  • peptide conjugation
  • D amino acids and other unnatural amino acids
  • cGMP peptides (see

See here for more information about our synthesis capabilities. We also specialize in large sets of custom peptides and are able to provide special pricing for bulk orders.

Please contact us for special requirements or bulk orders of over 50 peptides. Your local customer service expert is ready to assist you.

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