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  • Understanding SynPhase Lanterns

    SynPhase Lanterns are modular solid substrates that hold discrete quantities of single compound and are optimized for the synthesis of small organic molecules or peptides, as well as extracting contaminants or final products from solution-phase reactions. Their modular design and propensity for tagging makes SynPhase Lanterns adaptable to various synthesis strategies and methodologies.

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  • Lanterns vs Conventional Resin

    The total synthesis cost of SynPhase Lanterns compares more than favourably with that of resins. The use of SynPhase Lanterns offers significant savings in labor, consumables and equipment as well as intangible cost benefits associated with the rapid development of optimized reaction conditions to deliver high purity compounds.

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  • Applications for Research

    The variety of chemistry performed with SynPhase Lanterns continues to grow, as there seems no limit to the techiques that can be applied. The unique Lantern shape has encouraged many laboratories to incorporate SynPhase technology into various reaction vessels and high-throughput systems. SynPhase Lanterns are used in the following applications: * Small molecule combinatorial synthesis * Peptide and peptidomimetic synthesis * Solution phase scavenge and capture chemistry

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