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PepChip™ Peptide Microarrays

The key benefits of custom peptides from Mimotopes

Together with our partner, PepScan Systems, Mimotopes now offers the PepChip™ microarray range for enzyme profiling. These products open up a range of new applications in drug development and signal transduction research by improving reducing development time, profiling enzyme specificity and providing new information on enzyme and enzyme-inhibitor specificity.


PepChip Kinase

PepChip Kinase is a family of peptide microarrays containing up to 3,000 kinase substrates (phosphorylation sites) for rapid target identification. The microarray slides are available as ready-to-use products or as service in which we perform the kinase experiments for you.


PepChip Protease

PepChip Protease is a peptide microarray service or rapid protease characterization. The chip contains 1,000 random but pre-determined 15-mer peptides. Uncleaved substrates are detected before and after digestion using fluorescein-labeled streptavidin

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