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Antibody Services

Good anti-peptide antibodies make great reagents for the rapid development of immunoassays. Mimotopes has extensive experience in providing immunology services, including the design and generation of high-quality polyclonal antibodies.


Specialist Immunology Services

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Mimotopes offers a number of customized immunology products and services including:

  1. Peptide-coated and streptavidin-coated plates
  2. Affinity purification columns
  3. Immunoassay development
  4. Antibody labeling
  5. B-cell and T-cell epitope mapping services
  6. Discontinuous epitope mapping using CLIPS™ (Chemically linked Peptides on Scaffolds) technology in conjunction with our partner PepScan Systems


Polyclonal Antibodies

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Mimotopes offeres high quality purified peptides conjugated to immunogenic protein carriers such as Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin (KLH). Other protein carriers such as Bovine Serum Albumin and Ovalbumin are also available. The conjugates can be shipped directly to our partner antibody production service for animal immunization.


Anti-phosphopeptide Antibodies

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Anti-phosphorylated peptide antibodies have become very useful reagents in the study of cell signal transduction. Specific antibody probes that are able to identify which of the many proteins in the signal transduction path are phosphorylated or have been de-phosphorylated help in the understanding of cell regulation, growth and apoptosis.

Mimotopes is a world leader in the generation of affinity-enhanced anti-phosphopeptide antisera. Mimotopes obtains affinity enhanced anti-peptide antibodies from rabbits immunized with a carrier protein-peptide conjugate. Affinity enhancement is performed to remove antibodies specific to the non-phosphorylated version of the peptide. An understanding that other specific anti-peptide antibodies, not involving the phosphorylated residues, may be generated is crucial to how the phosphorylated peptide antisera are used, and to the interpretation of results obtained using these antibodies. The table below shows examples of antiserum with enhanced specificity for the phosphorylated peptide sequence.


Table 1: Affinity Enhanced Anti-Phosphopeptide Antisera Titers
Specificity Phosphopeptide Non-phosphorylated peptide
CREB 7322 277
GS 4924 109
HIRS-1 12887 265
JNK 14940 293
HMIP3 9073 691
MBP 46565 70
P53-2 5289 127
S6 9433 139
HARP-1 34671 211
HARP-2 14251 380
VEGFR-3 4584 132
VEGFR-2 3813 83
VEGFRP 23096 206
VEGFR-4 7958 152


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