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Peptide Libraries

Peptide libraries are a powerful tool in biological research for screening large numbers of peptides in the search for the few, critical bioactive peptides. Mimotopes is the co-founder of peptide library technology and has over 20 years experience in designing and synthesizing custom peptide libraries.

The design tools below will guide you through the steps of isolating minimum length active peptide sequences, identifying critical amino acid residues, designing analogs for sequence optimization and will provide indicative pricing for all peptide sets.


Peptide Library Design Tools

In addition to the tools above, we recommend that you contact us for expert design advice on your specific peptide library requirements. For protease and kinase studies, Mimotopes also supplies presynthesized profiling libraries (REPLi) and profiling microarrays.


Peptide Library Pricing

Peptide libraries are synthesized on Mimotopes’ unique proprietary synthesis platform and are typically supplied at the 1 to 3 mg scale for fast, efficient screening work. The concept of combinatorial peptide libraries originated at Mimotopes (Geysen, M., 1984) and in 2009, Mimotopes launched the peptide industry's first fully-HPLC purified peptide library platform. Mimotopes’ proprietary process transforms unpurified "crude" peptide libraries, into fully-purified peptides that have all been prepared to minimum 70%, 80%, 90% or 95% purity by reverse-phase HPLC, regardless of initial “crude” purity.


Indicative peptide library pricing (per peptide) for standard endings and up to 15 amino acids. "As synthesized" libraries are provided at 1 to 3 mg scale. Purified peptide libraries provided at 1 to 4 mg scale.

Library Size:            
48 to 96 Peptides 97 to 200 Peptides 201 to 300 Peptides 301 to 400 Peptides 401 to 500 Peptides > 500 Peptides
As Synthesized US$35 US$29 US$28 US$27 US$27 US$26
>70% US$67 US$61 US$58 US$55 US$52 US$49
>80% US$99 US$90 US$85 US$81 US$76 US$72
>90% US$122 US$111 US$106 US$100 US$95 US$89
>95% US$132 US$120 US$114 US$108 US$102 US$96


Please contact us for customized peptide libray sets and assistance with peptide library design.

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